Gilby Hall

At the Gilby Centennial in 2001, a horse and wagon convoy provided a ride from the Gilby Hall to the original Gilby Cemetery for a rededication ceremony. Gilby Hall was initiated by the U.F.A., which had been meeting in a hall above the Shorrock Brothers store.

Oscar Thubron donated land for the hall. A team of volunteers began work in the spring of 1921, and the hall was completed by July.

The hall was heated with wood-burning stoves that usually smoked. The dedicated Thubrons started all the fires. Men paid 50 cents to attend hall functions. Women attended for free - providing they brought a box lunch.

The Gilby Community Hall in 2001. Starting around 1923, silent films were shown in the hall. A kitchen and ladies' coat room were added by 1927. Power and a new floor were put installed in 1951. In 1971, thanks to Mr. Widden, the hall was reshingled and repainted inside and out. A propane furnace was installed in 1972 and replaced by overhead gas four years later. The present board continues to make improvements to the inside of the hall.

The hall has been used for Sunday School, church services, funerals, 4-H gatherings, political meetings, anniversaries, bridal showers, wedding dances, christenings, and farewell parties. Currently, the hall hosts two cabarets each year and a Christmas party.

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