1901 Laulik (Song Book)

Donated by Marlene Kuutan (nee Tipman)
Belonged to Olga Klaus (nee Soop)

Uus Lauluraamat (New Estonian Songbook, Printed in Tallinn, 1901, 605 pages. The Songbook belonged to Olga Klaus, grandmother of Bob, Marlene and Allan Tipman. The Laulik came to Canada in 1922 when Otto and Olga Klaus arrived with their children, Alide and Alfred. Originally from Estonia, they had moved to Russia, close to Tver (or Brante Mets as they called it) for economic reasons. The Russian Revolution forced them to flee to Estonia where they worked in order to get money for passage to Canada where Otto's five brothers had gone to reside around 1900. Some of the brothers were able to send money so that the Otto Klaus family could come to Canada and settle near Big Valley, Alberta. The Laulik remained in Olga's possession until her death in 1977, was passed on to her daughter Aletha Tipman (Alide's name had been changed to Aletha when she started school in Canada) and when Aletha passed away, the Laulik went to her daughter, Marleen Kuutan.

Alberta's Estonian Heritage