Family Name Given Male Name Given Female Name Maiden Name Arrived with Family Arrival Year Moved to
Erdman Jacob Mari Tint Yes 1904
Erdman Gustav Magda Liik Yes 1904
Watman Helena 1904
Kulpas Anton Miina Erdman Yes 1904 Oregon 1928
Kulpas Jack Phyllis Bastin 1904
Lentsman Peter Anna Reinstein Yes 1904 Vancouver 1919
Lentsman John 1904
Reinstein Julia Yes 1904
Kivi Jaan 1904 Montana 1912
Palkman Mihkel Lena Musten Yes 1904 Montana 1910
Kivi Aleksander Maria Usvel 1904 Grande Prairie 1918
Kotkas Jaan 1-Emilie Shelbaugh
2-Helena Erdman 1905
Kulpas Gus Alide Erdman 1905
Kulpas John Julia Reinstein 1905 Montana 1910
Silbermann Martin Lisa Erdman 1905
Malberg Jakob 1905 Montana 1910
Musten George Claudine Sumitavet 1905 Montana 1910
Musten Nick Martha Kewe 1905 Montana 1910
Musten Charles Lena Kewe 1905 Montana 1910
Musten Joe 1905 Montana 1910
Krikental Gustav 1-Julie
2-Liisa Reiner 1906 Montana 1910
Minnick Hans 1906 Montana 1910
Musten Peter 1906
Musten Karl Julia 1906
Maar (Meer) Peter 1906
Malberg John Natalie Kivi/Kewe 1906 Montana 1912
Pertel Hans Juline Mathieson 1909 Stettler 1924
Krasman Mikele Helena 1909 Champion, Alberta 1930
Keldrauk 1909 USA 1910
Aarik USA 1910
Laas USA 1910
Musa Juri Wilhelmine Maar/Meer 1909 Washington State 1923
Erdman Siim Pauline Roos 1910
Erdman Gustav Johannes Linda Jurman 1910
Lustwerk Anna 1913 Lacombe, Alberta early 1920s
Saffel John Lisa 1914
Lustwerk Greorge (Jüri) Miina Yes 1920s Bonanza, Peace River Region, early 1920s
Hebenik Alex Lydia Bakkila Yes 1916
Ehrenverth Villem Sinaida Milosei Yes 1916 Peace River 1926
Thompson August Peace River 1926
Jurman Linda 1921
Salmon Robert Anna Taevere 1923
Palkman Mike 1923
Sepp John Maria Kotkas 1924 Idaho 1932
Sepp George Anna 1924 Peace River 1924
Hebenik August Alma Selge 1926
Selge Alma 1927
Sibelin Jaan Elli 1928 Medicine Valley 1932
Sibelin Villu 1928
Taevere Anna
Andrekson George Sally 1929
Flink Jaan

Explanation of List

  1. Family names are used and initials if given names not known.
  2. List is arranged by year of arrival at first known location in Alberta.
  3. Note that early arrivals came to Sylvan Lake area, but most moved on to Medicine Valley or Stettler.
  4. Single women with known dates of arrival are listed in the Family Name column. Where applicable, names of their husbands are shown in the same row. The arrival dates of the husbands is not known.
  5. List of names is based on material published in the following but is not exhaustive:
    • Peoples of Alberta by Howard & Tamara Palmer
    • Eestlased Kanadas (Estonians in Canada) A. Kurlents, Toronto 1975
    • Juri's Children - Barbara Gullickson, 1989
    • History of Medicine Valley Estonian Society by Voldemar Matiisen
    • Homesteads and Happiness Eckville and District Historical Society 1979.
    • AjaKaja
    • Family Histories

Compiled by Juri Kraav with assistance by Barbara Gullickson, Marion Collin, Irene Kerbes, Lillian Munz, Eda McClung, Dave Kiil.

The following list contains names of Estonian pioneers arriving in Alberta between 1899 and 1941 with the vast majority arriving before World War I.

It is a representative but not exhaustive record. Many changed the spelling of their names and some changed their names altogether. Many adopted different first names or English derivatives.

Disrepancies in spellings and arrival dates exist in the available source material. The list will be expanded as new source material becomes available.

Additional information can be found in Communities - Rural Communities - Barons

Alberta's Estonian Heritage