Robert L. Kingsep

Grandson of the first Estonian settler in Alberta in 1899. Bob became the President of the Alberta Estonian Heritage Society in 2007. Robert (Bob) is a grandson of Henry and Emilie Kingsep, the first Estonian pioneers to homestead in Alberta. After Emily's death in 1946, the various descendants of Henry and Emilie met annually for the next 50 years. However, with the dispersion of families across Canada's vast landscape and, combined with the subsequent ethnic integration of different families, the Kingsep reunions gradually became less and less frequent.

Bob and his sister Lyann were among the last to attend the Estonian School in Eckville before the school permanently closed its doors in the 1950s. Bob attended high school in Eckville and continued his education in Edmonton, establishing a career as a computer systems analyst.

In 1966 Bob married Annette McKenzie, a musician from Bentley, Alberta whom he met while playing in the Eckville High School band. Bob was active in numerous community clubs, both as a participant and organizer. He and Annette along with their daughter Tobi spent many seasons skiing, kayaking, hiking and travelling through Canada and the United States. In 1988 the Kingsep's relocated west of Calgary.

The President of the Alberta Estonian Heritage Society speaking at the Jaanipäev celebration at Lincoln Hall in Medicine Valley area of Alberta in 2007. As a descendant of Alberta's first Estonian pioneers, Bob was invited to co-host the 1999 Alberta Estonian Centennial celebrations in Stettler. Inspired by the events in Stettler Bob became an active member of the Alberta Estonian Heritage Society and in 2007 became president of the newly formed organization.

Alberta's Estonian Heritage