Elizabeth (Bruckel) Tippie

Elizabeth Bruckel and her parents emigrated to Alberta in 1929. She married Lawrence Tippie in 1939. The couple had several children, including Fred Tippie. Both Elizabeth and Fred died in 2007. Elizabeth Bruckel was born to Estonian parents on January 1, 1920 in the village of Krasnoufinsk. It is situated on the western slopes of the Ural Mountains in Russia. Her parents, Friedrich and Maria Bruckel, were both Estonians.

Elizabeth left the Soviet Union in April 1929. Elizabeth and her family traveled by boat to Halifax, Nova Scotia and later by train to Stettler, Alberta. Two Estonian families already living in the area - the Soop and Klaus families - greeted the Bruckels upon arrival. Elizabeth grew up near Stettler and later graduated from Stettler High School.

Friedrich found a job working for the Canadian National Rail Company as a railway maintenance worker. Learning English was a struggle for Elizabeth's parents, particularly Friedrich, but they never gave up and comprehended basic levels of communication.

In 1939 Elizabeth married Lawrence Tippie. They farmed north of Stettler for the next 25 years with the exception of a brief stint in Portland, Oregon during the Second World War. Elizabeth obtained a nursing degree specializing in mental deficiency; she worked at the Michener Centre in Red Deer, Alberta. She retired in 1984 after a hard working and fulfilling career.

Fred was the only son of Lawrence and Elizabeth (Bruckel) Tippie. Born in 1943 in Stettler, Alberta. He later lived in British Columbia where he taught school until 2002. Fred loved painting in watercolors. Lawrence and Elizabeth had a passion for travel. They often made numerous trips throughout North America, including Mexico. Elizabeth maintained a keen interest in her Estonian heritage. This is exemplified through a culturally enrichening trip to Estonia in the 1980s. An avid learner, Elizabeth enjoyed discussing global politics with friends and family. She was also musically gifted having played the classical piano for many years. Elizabeth and Lawrence had four daughters. They were Marne, Sharon, Carol, Kathy. They also had one son named Fred. Elizabeth passed away on January 25, 2007.

Alberta's Estonian Heritage