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TV Heritage Program on the Estonian Krikental Family



The following is an email from AEHS member John Clark (of Denver, Colorado, US)  who wrote a couple of articles for AjaKaja in 2006.  His ancestors lived in the Barons area and moved to Montana during a major drought around the time of WWI.  The mother died of influenza there, the father was not able to look after the children and so he put them into an orphanage.   The AjaKaja article includes a heart wrenching photo of the day the kids boarded a car to be taken to the orphanage.  The kids tried desperately to keep in touch with father who constantly moved around to different jobs during that tough economic time.  For whatever reason, he did not reply.  The kids were eventually adopted by various American families.  At some point the son of one of the orphans began trying to find out who he is.  It was a series of flukes and luck that John Clark eventually discovered he is of Estonian background.  Contact was enabled when he found the address for an Erdman in Barons.  That was the late Tom Erdman.  Tom referred John to AEHS, and suddenly John had a whole lot of leads for information about his heritage.  He alerted his siblings.  Some of them immediately went to Estonia to see the place of their origin.


The orphanage where his father and uncles/aunts lived was at Twin Bridges Orphanage in Montana.


Check page 26 of the AEHS book  Freedom, Land and Legacy for the incredible photo of the family going to the orphanage.  Also check AjaKaja for John Clark's two part series on the family saga.  Hopefully, especially folks originating from the Barons area will get word of this television program.



From: John-Clark
Sent: Monday, November 28, 2016 10:18:19 AM
Subject: RE: Krikental family and TV program about the Twin Bridges Orphanage in Montana


Season’s Greetings,


Cousin, Linda Doherty, brought this upcoming Travel channel program to my attention.

On December 3rd and 4th  the Travel Channel will show:


“Ghost Adventures at the Twin Bridges Orphanage in Montana”


I have no idea regarding how the orphanage will be covered, nor the quality of the program, but will try to watch it.


Margret, Ed, Bill, Louis, and Charlie Krikental were placed in Twin Bridges in 1917 and stayed until about 1927 to 1929, when they either reached 16, stayed longer term with a foster family, got married, or ran away from their foster family.


John Clark,

Denver, Colorado








Estonian documentaries   Singing Revolution  &  its sequel   To Breathe As One  will be shown on PBS television channel back to back Aug 1 & 2



 Link to Photo Gallery of Estonia's President Ilves State Visit to Canada


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