Herman family

Peter and Marie (Wall) Herman in the Sylvan Lake area of Alberta in 1950. Peter and Marie (née Wall) Herman moved from New London, Connecticut to a homestead three miles east of Sylvan Lake in 1901. A year later, both Marie's parents, George and Lena Wall, and Peter's parents, John and Anna Herman, took out homesteads on neighbouring quarter sections.

The farm life did not appeal to George Wall; at some point he moved into Sylvan Lake, where he was a woodworker. After he died, his wife Lena, who loved the farm, moved back to be with her son Gus. John Herman was a blacksmith.

Peter and Marie had eleven children, all of whom attended Norma School: Selma, Lembit, Leida, Ella Madge, Hilda, Naima, Hertha (Reta), Magda (Madge), Paul, Lloyd, and Carl.

Selma married and had three children. She died in 1953.

Lembit, who remained a bachelor, helped on the family farm and later became a train engineer in Calgary. He died in 1977.

Leida went to Portland in 1924 to visit family and liked it so much she stayed. She met her husband there and they had one child. She died in 1964.

Ella Madge moved to Calgary in 1923. She married and had two children.

Hilda became a teacher. She married, had a son, and was widowed in the 1940s. In 1949, she moved to Portland.

Naima died of spinal meningitis in 1923.

Reta remained single, and cared for her parents when they were elderly. She died in 1963.

Madge moved to Burnaby, B.C. She married and is now widowed.

Paul became a boiler maker. He lived in Burnaby until his death in 1977.

Lloyd took over the family farm and looked after all three quarter sections. He died in a car accident in 1973.

Carl lives in Castlegar, B.C. He has two children.

Peter died in 1950 and Marie in 1960.

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