Hans and Julianne(Matthiesen) Pertel

L to R: Julianne, Lisette and Alfred Matiisen, Hans Pertel, and Alex Hebenik. Perhaps a Sunday afternoon drive in the countryside around Barons, Alberta in 1930. Four descendants and relatives of Crimea Estonians meet in Calgary, Alberta to explore their common heritage in 2008. L to R: Wilma Pertel-Costello, Lillian Munz, Evelyn Erdman and Anita Linderman-Madill Hans Pertel left the Crimea in 1909 to join his brother-in-law at Barons, Alberta. Hans first claimed a homestead at Foremost, Alberta but in 1913 moved back to Barons and farmed some land there. In 1924 he married Julianne Matthiesen, an emigrant from Tallinn, Estonia. The Pertels had three daughters: Erna, Esta and Wilma. Hans died in 1969 at age 88.

Aerial view of the Pertel family farm near Barons, Alberta at Sec. 23-12-24w4.

Hans married Julianne E. Matthiesen, who emigrated from Estonia in 1924. They had three children: Erna, Esta, and Wilma.

Hans and Julianne sold their land in 1962 and moved to Calgary, where Hans died in November, 1969.

Alberta's Estonian Heritage