Mr. and Mrs. John Kewe (Kivi)

Mr. and Mrs. John Kewe (Kivi) emigrated from Crimea in 1905 and lived for a short time in South Dakota before homesteading near Barons, Alberta. They had seven children: Gus, Mary, Natalie, Edward, Martha, Lena, and Solme.

Natalie and her husband John Malberg lived in the Barons area until Natalie died. Martha married Nick Musten and Lena married Charles Musten.

John sold his land in 1906 and in 1912 the family moved to Montana, where they all took out homesteads.

John and his son Gus later went to Spokane, Washington.

Alex Kewe (Kivi)

Alex Kewe (Kivi) emigrated in 1905 and homesteaded in the Barons area. He and his wife Maria Usvel farmed in the area until 1918, when they moved to Grande Prairie.

Alberta's Estonian Heritage