Alex Leew

Alex Leew came from Estonia in 1904 and began farming in the Linda Hall area. He also worked on railroad construction and in the coal mine in the Camrose area. With the extra income, he purchased more land.

He married Martha Cusick, and they had five children: Arnold, Felix, Alex, Alma, and Robert.

Alex served as a trustee on the local school board and was on the recreation committee at Linda Hall.

He bought a Dutch windmill and used it to grind wheat and rye for himself and others. The windmill was torn down and used for firewood after Alex left the farm - but the millstones were salvaged and are in the museum at Leduc.

When he faced financial difficulties on the farm due to low grain prices and drought, Alex, who had been an upholstery apprentice in Estonia, moved the family to Calgary and started an upholstery business. After he died, Martha and his youngest sons Alex and Robert continued the business.

Alberta's Estonian Heritage