Auda Saar

Auda Saar moved to Canada with his brothers Alex and John in 1904 or 1905 and took out a homestead around 1908.

With Martin Oliver, Auda bought a tractor and threshing machine and did custom threshing. After a few years, Auda sold his share and continued custom threshing on his own.

He decided to start his own flour mill using his steam tractor and millstones he chiselled himself; the largest of the millstones was four feet in diameter. His interest in this project did not last long, though, and he sold his assets, dragged the huge millstone into the bushes, and sailed to Australia, where he found work looking after locomotives in a roundhouse. He remained in Australia until he died.

More than thirty years later, Auda's nephew, Oscar Saar, found the massive millstone and hauled it into the yard. Oscar requested that his ashes placed under the millstone, as a tribute to his family's heritage.

Alberta's Estonian Heritage