Michael and Elizabet (Kask) Wartnow

Elisabet (Lisa) and Mike Wartnow arrived in Sylvan Lake in 1901 and relocated to Big Valley area in 1907. Michael and Elizabet (Lisa) (Kask) Wartnou arrived in Sylvan Lake in 1901 with four children. While staying with Alex Kask they built a two-story home near Burnt (Cygnet) Lake. The house was destroyed by a grass and forest fire. Lisa ran with her children and their cow into a creek for safety. She later observed that the wild animals, big and small came and stood with them, unafraid, in the water. The family moved to Big Valley in 1907.

Mike Wartnow(Vaartnou) log house in the Big Valley area of Alberta in 1907. One of the Wartnow children, Alexander, born in 1904 married Hilda Pauline (Klaus) Wartnow, born in 1905. A son, Floyd Wartnow was born in 1927 at Yahk, British Columbia.

Alberta's Estonian Heritage