Excerpt from August Posti's daybook
(diary) January and February, 1903.

Pictured are two pages of August Posti's diary covering the period March 17-23, 1902. They arrived in Red Deer, Alberta on March 17. The entry for March 23 describes the similarity of the landscapes in the Võru area of Estonia and the Red Deer region of Alberta.  Jan 22: Hindrik (Kingsep) hauled 5 loads of hay for me. Krisjaan (Kingsep) brought Kinna (neighbour) some rocks and 30 rocks for me.

Jan 23: Clear and cold still. Started to build Kinna a smoke flue.

Jan 24: Clear afternoon, warm wind, 2° r. (degrees reaumur). Completed the flue and it's entrance.

Jan 26: Clear warm day, 3° r. Went to town (Red Deer) with Hindrik.

Jan 28: Snow fell and twirled. While in town, I paid my $10.00 for land. Bought some potatoes for myself and Krisjaan. Sold my horse. Stayed at Krisjaan's home, -31 r. Killed Krisjaan's cow and skinned it.

Feb 1: Very cold, -31° r. Hauled timber.

Feb 2: Warm day, cut logs for Kinna's barn.

Feb 3: Sunday night rained, otherwise melting. Building the barn for Kinna, 10° r.

Feb 4: Clear and warm; finished building the barn.

Alberta's Estonian Heritage